Engineered Fills

Engineered Fills

We offer Lightweight solutions for heavyweight problems

Cellular Lightweight Insulating Concrete (CLWIC) engineered fill materials produced by The Bonitz Company of Carolina offer significant advantages over normal weight traditional fill materials.

  • Mix designs can be customized for the specific site and soil conditions for each project
  • Is a load-reducing material over poor soils.
  • Flows easily into spaces eliminating potential voids
  • If required, can be easily excavated

Typical applications of CLWIC engineered fills are

  • Annular Fills/Tunnel back fills. Due to the low density of our materials the potential of a pipe floating or being damaged in a slipline application is greatly reduced.
  • When replacing unsuitable soils the low weight and high strength of CLWIC reduces the amount of excavation required.
  • Load reducing fill for bridge approaches
  • Load reducing alternative for retaining walls or traditional retaining wall backfills.
  • Pipe or tank abandonment
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